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1824 – 2024. The Museo Egizio celebrates its 200th anniversary
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The year 2024 celebrates 200 years of the Museo Egizio.

This bicentennial year will be marked by significant transformations regarding both the architecture of the museum and gallery-redesigns determined by research outcomes, which are the basis of all projects.

The museum is being renovated with a view to being more physically and metaphorically open to the city.

This project includes reutilising the baroque building in new ways (proposed by the architectural firm OMA), with the main aim of giving a new life to the courtyard by transforming it into a covered piazza. The courtyard will be freely accessible and will be easily connected with areas outside of the Museum in order to make it a welcoming space allowing for various visiting routes. In fact, it will be possible to visit the new Museo Egizio in different ways, according to each person’s time, interests, and desires.

The year 2024 will be a year full of transformations, but also of conferences, events and special projects (funded by the European Union- NextGenerationEU), such as the one funded by PNRR (the National Recovery and Resilience Plan implemented after the pandemic) in order to make the information presented in the Museum’s galleries more accessible to the public.

This important year offers us a unique opportunity to reflect on the various stages and circumstances which made it possible to bring one of the world’s most important Egyptian collections outside of Egypt to Turin, in order to carry out collaborations and multi-year interdisciplinary research projects to build a museum of the future.

Visiting the Museo Egizio in 2024 means to closely experience the “making of” the new Museo Egizio through the extraordinary works in progress, and to make use of renovated gallery spaces and new methods to enjoy them.

There are many events that will take place this year: starting from the opening of the Textile Gallery and the Egyptian Garden; and then the Temple of Ellesiya, the Gallery of Kings, and “Invisible Archaeology 2.0”. Accessibility and interpretation will be the main reasons for the redesign of one of the most important rooms of the Museum: room number 6, which is dedicated to the artefacts from Deir el-medina.

Within this rich calendar of events, the Conference Room will host international researchers, Museo Egizio curators, and directors of the most important museums in the world. These will be unique opportunities, free and accessible via streaming, to find out about current research of the collection directly from those who are leading them, to delve into discoveries, the most recent excavations, the most important international archaeological studies, and to reflect on the present as well as the future of museums with directors from all around the world.

The cultural schedule of the Museo Egizio will also be framed by other themed events, to be able to involve the public, share the ongoing transformations, and increase opportunities to meet.

We will share all the events and activities on this website and on our social platforms, as we want to make them available to everyone: for those who can visit us in person and for those who cannot.
011 44 06 903
From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.