Archeologia Invisibile

"Archeologia Invisibile" is the title of the new temporary exhibition open from 13 March to 9 January 2022. The purpose of the exhibition is to illustrate the principles, tools, examples and results of the meticulous work of recomposition of information, data and knowledge made possible today by the application of science to other disciplines and, in particular, to the study of the findings.

What can an object tell of itself? Our senses give us basic information about it, such as its appearance, size, shape, colour, even the traces that man, nature or time have impressed on it. Yet, all this is obviously not enough to reveal the whole story and the life cycle.

Archaeometry - a set of techniques used to study materials, production methods and the conservation history of finds – makes it possible to question objects: thanks to the growing interaction with the skills of chemistry, physics or radiology, the material heritage of the Egyptian Museum's collection reveals elements and news that would otherwise be inaccessible.

A network of institutions from all over the world that, through new technologies, place themselves at the service of the past to make visible what is invisible.

A virtual tour of the exhibition is now also available clicking here. Thanks to the virtual tour, it will be possible to explore the exhibition rooms and the showcases hosted, "browsing" all the elements, from videos to individual exhibits, from any device: a new arrangement of teachers, students, and of course all visitors.

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