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The so-called “Turin King List” is back on display at Museo Egizio after much research and restoration work, the result of an international collaboration between Turin, Copenhagen and Berlin.

The new temporary exhibition, accompanied by multimedia tools and infographics revealing the history and contents of this famous document, can be visited from 27 September to 21 November 2022.

On the day when the world of Egyptology celebrates the bicentenary of Jean-François Champollion’s deciphering of hieroglyphs, Museo Egizio turns the spotlight on one of the most famous papyri in its collection and in the world: The “Turin King List”. It is the only royal list, handwritten on papyrus from Pharaonic Egypt that has survived until today.

Forming the basis of the restoration are the long-standing studies of Kim Ryholt, Egyptologist at Copenhagen University, who developed a new reconstruction of the manuscript, working closely with Leiden University Egyptologist Rob Demarée, under the supervision of Susanne Töpfer, Curator in charge of Museo Egizio's Papyrus Collection. Physically working on the King List for 10 weeks in Turin was one of the world's leading experts in papyrus restoration, with 46 years of experience to her name: Myriam Krutzsch from the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung der Stattlichen Museen zu Berlin. This museum is under the direction of Friederike Seyfried, a member of Museo Egizio's scientific committee, who supported the restoration project.

All the fragments of the "Turin King List" were cleaned and consolidated by Myriam Krutzsch. About 30 new fragments held in Museo Egizio's Papyrus Archive have been inserted into the framework of the manuscript, while others have been repositioned in the light of new studies undertaken by Professor Kim Ryholt. Thanks to these efforts, the list of pharaohs written in hieratic, which is spread over 11 columns, has been slightly modified for more accuracy.

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From Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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