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Routes in the Museum
Discover Ancient Egypt by enjoying a real treasure hunt!
A unique opportunity to get to know and create an Egyptian-style artefact.

Routes through the Museum

Discovering Ancient Egypt by playing is the philosophy that inspires the activities specially for Kindergarten pupils. Assisted by an Egyptologist, the children explore life in ancient Egypt with a real treasure hunt! The educational material used in the course provides an opportunity to develop the concepts learned in the Museum afterwards in the classroom.
Animals of Egypt
Among crocodiles, lions, hawks, cats and jackals, the young visitors learn to understand the world of the ancient Egyptians, starting from the Nile environment and its many animals.
At table with the Pharaohs
Bread, fruit, meat and vegetables were just some of the foods placed on the pharaoh’s table. The young visitors observe the objects and products displayed in the Museum and compare them with life today, learning about the Egyptians’ food and drink and how they were prepared.
Once upon a time there was fashion in Egypt
This itinerary through the Museum is devoited to clothing and cosmetics. The young visitors observe statues, particular objects and reliefs to understand the tastes of the Egyptians in clothing, makeup and bodily care.
60 per group + free museum entrance
60-minute guided tour
Maximum of 18 participants

Educational workshops

In the course of the workshop the children listen to a simple story, enabling them to follow a young Egyptian prince as he strolls among the workshops of the pharaoh’s craft workers. This is a useful way for them to explore the work of ancient painters, goldsmiths, sculptors... Then they can create a simple artefact of their own to help them remember their experience at the Museum
Little Egyptian craft workers
This lab actively engages the participants, in fact, children are divided into groups and, just like little Egyptian craftsmen, they can make some simple artifacts.
120 per group
90-minute guided tour
Maximum of 18 participants
Autumn offer
Route + Workshop
No backpacks are allowed in the visit.Baggage deposit is available on payment at the cloakroom on floor -1. Larger storage spaces are available for groups.

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