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Itineraries through the museum
Discover Ancient Egypt with a real treasure hunt!

A unique opportunity to get to know and create an Egyptian-style artefact.

Classroom lessons

Explore aspects of Egyptian culture, with introductory lessons in the classroom.

The paths through the Museum

Assisted by an Egyptologist, students carefully observe the most significant finds and discover fundamental aspects of Egyptian culture.

“Hail to thee O Nile!”
General itinerary. Following the traces of the Hymn to the Nile, a poetic composition from ancient Egypt, the young people discover how the river was the key to the birth and development of Egyptian civilisation in all its aspects.
In the realm of Osiris

A route through the funerary cult. From the embalmer’s workshop to the tribunal of the afterlife presided over by the god Osiris: techniques for preserving bodies, rites and practices to reach the green fields of the afterlife.

Discovering hieroglyphics!
An itinerary about writing. Encouraging young people to observe the inscriptions on statues, sarcophagi and papyri, the Egyptologist illustrates how hieroglyphic writing works, with an overview of the instruments and supports in use.
Animals or gods?
This is an itinerary about religion, to discover the principal deities depicted by statues, reliefs and papyri in the Museo Egizio. The young people learn to identify Horus, Ra, Anubis and many other gods in their human or animal form.
The Lord of the Two Lands
Discovering the Museum's collection, students learn to recognise the symbols of the power of the pharaoh: a fundamental study of the figure of the king in the civilisation of ancient Egypt.
Once upon a time in Egypt
The most curious aspects of everyday life are at the centre of attention. Among funerary goods and everyday goods, the Egyptologist encourages children to appreciate the importance of ancient practical objects and reveals their often veiled symbolic meaning.

Ideal in combination with the themed workshop “Once upon a time in Egypt”.
The search for the lost clue
The students extend their knowledge of Egyptian culture with a fascinating approach by carefully observing the exhibits, exploring the significance of the ancient symbols and bringing to life some illustrious craftsmen of Egypt under the Pharaohs.

Ideal in combination with the themed workshop “The search for the lost clue”.
At the court of the pharaoh
The visit describes the pharaoh in all his functions. A specific selection of masterpieces recounts intriguing anecdotes about court life: from palace conspiracies to the delicate relations with artisans and workers in the service of the king.

Ideal in combination with the themed workshop “At the court of the Pharaoh”.
7.5 per student, in Italian (€ 8.5 in a foreign language) + museum entrance € 1 per participant (including two teachers per class)
Guided tour of 120 minutes
Minimum 15 participants
5.5 per student, in Italian (€ 6.5 in a foreign language) + museum entrance € 1 per participant (including two teachers per class)
90-minute guided tour
Minimum 15 participants
Educational workshops

The workshops explore various aspects of Egyptian culture through practical activities with active and practical participation by the young people. The activities are held in teaching rooms, equipped with a large screen for projecting images with the support of computer equipment.

The little Egyptologist

After a short introductory lesson, the pupils retrieve fragments of finds (reproductions) in specially prepared sand tanks. Working like real archaeologists, they work at cleaning the objects, measuring, drawing and filing them and finally write up an “excavation journal”.

The pharaoh’s craft workers

The participants, divided into small groups, produce some simple artefacts working like Egyptian craftspeople. In this way they experience some of the everyday work of weavers, potters, goldsmiths and painters, experimenting with ancient materials and techniques.

Discovering the tomb of Kha

Beds and stools, food and drink, clothes and wigs, makeup and tools: everything you need for eternal well-being! Kha and Merit’s grave goods enable children to discover objects over 3400 years ago, seeing how they were decorated and used.

The secrets of Anubis
The workshop deals with the subjects of embalming and the funerary cult, activities presided over by the god Anubis. Divided into work groups, the young people reconstruct the pharaoh’s grave goods using the materials provided by the Egyptologist. To conclude the activity, the class acts out the most important rituals of the funeral ceremony.
Once upon a time in Egypt
The objects of Deir el-Medina record the ancient customs and usages of its inhabitants. Their lives, divided between work and religion, are gradually revealed... And to understand the work of the craftsmen, we engrave a small pillar with the goddess Meretseger!

Ideal in combination with the themed visit “Once upon a time in Egypt”.
8 per student, in Italian (€ 9.5 in a foreign language) + Museum entrance € 1 per participant (including two teachers per class)
Guided tour of 120 minutes
Minimum of 20 participants
I build the temple of Horus
The workshop takes place in a room equipped with the model of an Egyptian temple, which the youngsters reconstruct and study, under the guidance of an Egyptologist. Through simple questions, like Egyptian priests, the pupils discover the rituals handed down by ancient sacred texts.

Itinerary suggested for classes of up to 27.
Magic of sound
The boys discover the fascinating musical world of ancient Egypt. Ancient harmonies and rhythms come to life with reproductions of instruments. The class tries its hand at making a small sistrum, a ceremonial rattle sacred to the goddess Hathor.
The search for the lost clue
The class is invited to make use of the knowledge acquired to conduct an investigation into an interesting Egyptian artist and the village where he lived over 3000 years ago. Through a playful approach, clue after clue, proof after proof, the young people rediscover the identity of the mysterious figure.
Ideal in combination with the themed visit “The search for the lost clue”.
At the court of the pharaoh
The analysis of tombs, grave goods, titles and special signs of recognition leads the young people to grasp the most fascinating aspects of a pharaoh's career. Themed insights during the workshop help the participants understand the difficulties of a king's life, placing them under the protection of an Egyptian uraeus.

Ideal in combination with the themed visit “At the court of the pharaoh”.
6 per student, in Italian (€ 8 in a foreign language) + Museum entrance € 1 per participant (including two teachers per class)
60-minute workshop
Minimum of 20 participants

Classroom lessons

Classroom lessons explore some important topics of Egyptian civilisation in preparation for visiting the museum. To project the supporting images it is advisable to have a classroom that can be darkened and big enough for all the pupils.
Daily life in ancient Egypt
Daily life in the time of the pharaohs: the environment, food, crafts and leisure.
The enigma of the hieroglyphs
The fascinating world of hieroglyphs, the principal materials used for writing and the difficult craft of the scribe.
Along the Nile
Between the fertile shores and waters rich in fish, a year in the lives of Egyptian farmers, fishermen and shepherds.
8 per student
90-minute guided tour
Minimum of 20 participants
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