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The Museo Egizio has recently been completely renewed. The buildings have been renovated, the exhibition installation laid out on new principles and the communication of the collection to the public has been updated. This is accompanied by new goals for research and study, an ambitious policy of social inclusion and a different approach to disseminating the scholarly contents. We intend to offer new formative projects, which can be integrated into the educational planning of the different courses of study and deal with the material qualities of objects, the metahistory of the museum and its collection, the reception of ancient Egypt in the literature, history and the art of the West. This ambitious project seeks to make the study of ancient Egypt part of the school curriculum, tailored to the programmes of individual schools.

Formative Project

Unveiled Hieroglyphs
Workshop + visit

For educational reasons, the workshop takes place before the guided tour of the museum.

The workshop enables the students to acquire the rudiments of hieroglyphic writing useful to understand the inscriptions that they will find during the guided tour.

To help them identify words and expressions they will be provided with a didactic card with phonetic values and hieroglyphs.

 The class will receive the material for a final verification test.
€ 18 each (entrance ticket € 4 each, reduced price)
120 min (workshop) + 120 min (tour)
20 minimum
Egyptian Art
 Visit + workshop

A guided tour focused on a selection of objects useful to observe and recognize the typical elements of Egyptian art.

The students will then choose an object from the collection and draw it in the museum galleries.

In conclusion they will compare their work and discuss the issues occurred.

The class will receive images of other objects of the collection in order to continue the activity at school.
15 each (entrance ticket € 4 each, reduced price)
180 min
20 minimum
Greeks and Latins in ancient Egypt
Guided tour with reading of classical sources

A guided tour dedicated to the interpretation of Egypt in the classical world through the reading of excerpts taken from famous Greek and Latin authors. An ideal choice for an educational path in classical literature.


What did the Greeks and Latins think about Pharaonic culture? How did they interpret it? A selection of sources to better understand their perception of ancient Egypt. You can download the texts in original language from: https://museoegizio.it/info/scuole/superiori/

The information acquired during the tour will be the subject of a verification test to be performed in the classroom.

9 each + Museum entrance € 4 each
15 minimum
Design your Museum
Guided tour + workshop

Guided tour of the museum with a focus on the exhibition area (building, galleries, displays) and on the expographic apparatus.

The tour illustrates the peculiarities of the collection and the expositive solutions adopted to facilitate the comprehension of the objects, their archaeological contextualization and their conservation.


During the workshop the students will create a project of a virtual exhibition gallery with the help of the technical data provided such as plans, photographs, technical description of the objects and design and size of the displays.

To complete the project, the students will be able to continue in class with the creation of texts and graphics accompanying the objects.
18 € each+ entrance ticket 4 € each
120 min (tour) + 120 min (workshop)
20 minimum
An excavation in the collections
Guided tour + workshop

The guided tour starts with an introduction to the archaeological excavations led by the Missione Archeologica Italiana in Egypt at the beginning of the twentieth century and it will continue through the Material Culture Galleries to better understand materials, artisan productions and processing techniques used by the ancient Egyptians.

The tour will then lead to the discovery of the archaeological contexts found in the main sites investigated, like Gebelein, Assiut and Deir el-Medina.


The workshop will focus on archaeological methodology and documentation; the students will learn to analyze an object and to fill in a small finds sheet with relevant data and a technical drawing.

The class will receive the material for a final verification test.
17 € each + entrance ticket 4 € each
120 min (tour) + 90 min (workshop)
20 minimum
No backpacks are allowed in the visit Baggage deposit is available on payment at the cloakroom on floor -1. Larger storage spaces are available for groups.
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