Gli Scarabei
Following the Anglo-Saxon model of private sponsorship, the Museo Egizio has created “Gli Scarabei”, an association of individual sponsors.

Constituted on March 6, 2007, the Association counts more than 200 members ranging from private individuals to public personalities, particularly, but not exclusively, from the Piedmont region.

The essential idea was to involve Turin’s citizens in raising awareness of the Egyptian Museum and its cultural heritage value for the region.

The main aim of the Association is to fund conservation and restoration of the works of art in the Museum.

Gli Scarabei have sponsored important restorations costing some €80.000. In particular, they have financed all of the restoration to date on the material from the Tomb of Kha, an important collection of masterpieces of the Museo Egizio. The work has involved delicate operations such as the removal of old restorations, the cleaning of textiles, consolidation, stabilisation and cleaning of a wide range of material finds in the tomb.