Managing Director

Samanta Isaia

Following a degree in Political Science, with a specialisation in Administration, and a decade-long experience in the private sector, in 2004 Samanta Isaia lands at the Committe for the organization of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin, as Accounting Manager of the Tobo Division.

Starting from 2006, she takes the lead of the Administration Office of the newborn Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino, at the beginning as Administrative and Financial Officer and Head of Human Resources and, starting from January 2017, as Managing Director.

In this role, she is currently coordinating the istitutional activities of the Fondazione, covering all aspects: organisational, managerial, productive, administrative and promotional ones.

She has been nominated Head of Prevention of Corruption and Tansparency and she is in charge, ad interim, of the Development Projects and European Funds Office, promoting relationships between the Museo Egizio and institutional and commercial partners both in Italy and abroad.

In recent years, she has given many lectures and workshops for students and professionals in the cultural sector.