Amici del museo
The Associazione Amici Collaboratori del Museo Egizio di Torino was constituted 4 September 1974 with Silvio Curto, Alessandro Roccati, Mario Tosi, Celeste Rinaldi, Luigi Saffirio, Maria Rosa Orsini and Ida di Aichelburg as the founding members.

The activities of the Association began in the autumn of 1974 with periodical cicles of lectures bringing the Egyptian civilisation, represented by the Museo Egizio, to the citizens. The members meet regularly for specialised conferences, usually in Italian, on diverse subjects, followed by a visit of the Museum’s collections. Some 300 lectures delivered to date have been published by the Association (SEREKH edition) and can be consulted in the library of the Museo Egizio.

Among the goals of the Association as described in the statutes are:

• to aid the Museum in keeping all the galleries open for special events, and to offer specialised guided tours to visitors;
• to enable the Museum to acquire objects;
• to increase the holdings in the library and to make financial contributions in order to retain a high scientific level;
• to collaborate on excavations organised by the Soprintendenza delle Antichità Egizie;
• to organise a cycle of lectures in various areas of Piedmont;
• to collaborate with the Museum in the installations of the galleries, special exhibitions and conferences, organised study days.