Media devices

The entire Museum in your smartphone
The audio guide is free.

Bring your headphones with you or purchase them from the Ticket Office, floor -1.

How to use this audio guide (web app)

Take a self-guided tour in three simple steps

1-Connect to the wifi: MUSEOEGIZIOFREE

2-Open the online audio guide “WEBAPP MUSEO EGIZIO”

3- Enjoy your visit!

To orient yourselves in the museum, the audio guide is divided by floors. Navigate the main screen and select the room you are in: inside you will find a map with numbers indicating the location of the objects. You can also view the list of tracks or directly enter the number of the artifact of interest on the keypad.

For each room you can listen to an introductory track, providing background information and context. Afterwards, listen to the tracks of the objects selected by our curators for your visit.


Look for this audio guide symbol

The audio guide covers 105 objects in the permanent galleries – when you see the audio guide symbol on the display cases or the reference number, simply find the artifact on your phone or enter the number on the keypad!


Complete Tour: Explore the Museo Egizio and listen to all the room introductions, artifact tracks, and related insights (3 hours)

Short Tour: Discover the museum's most important artifacts and room introductions (1 hour)

Also available are a tour dedicated to the Writing Gallery (1 hour) and the temporary exhibition tour "Towards the new Gallery of the Kings" (10 minutes).

Languages: Italian, English, French
Taking photos withtout flash is allowed
It is not possibile to bring in the museum bulky supports (tripods, easels, etc.) without permission. You can require the authorization sending an email to