Media devices

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Included in the admission charge, a videoguide is given to each visitor (aged 6 and over), containing various routes through the musuem. The videoguide comes with headphones and can be connected to your own earpieces.

Tours available:

Full tour (lasting 150 minutes);

Short tour (lasting 60 minutes);

Family Tour (lasting 90 minutes, particularly suitable for young visitors and their families).

In addition to the routes indicated, themed insights with international scholars are available.
Taking photos withtout flash is allowed
It is not possibile to bring in the museum bulky supports (tripods, easels, etc.) without permission. You can require the authorization sending an email to
Museum Tour
The videoguide includes two tours, differing by route and duration: one lasting 60 minutes (which focuses on the main aspects of the collection), the other lasting 150 minutes (offering more detailed insights). Visitors are guided through the rooms of the Museum, where the exhibits discussed in the videoguide are indicated by a number (white on an orange ground) and the headphone symbol.
Family Tour
The “Family Tour” is a route designed for younger visitors and their families and lasts 90 minutes. Young people can admire the Museum’s most important masterpieces, accompanied by the voices of four characters: Kha, chief architect of the works at Deir el-Medina, his wife Merit, Schiapp, a super fan of Ancient Egypt, Cody, a promising archaeologist. They go in search of the cat Miu, a deity living incognito, hidden in the rooms of the Museum. An guide map is given to the young visitors. The exhibits discussed are shown by a black paw on a yellow field, with the matching number.